Are certain API functions disabled in the trial version?
Question asked by Connie DeCinko - June 6, 2016 at 9:45 AM
We are testing SM15 for a future deployment.  We haven't purchased yet, waiting until right before we are ready to roll it out.  I am able to get some of the API functions to work.  I can create a user, however I cannot modify a user.  Go figure.  Why would that be?  I get an error that the web service operation cannot be found.  I'm using the same auth login that allows me to create a new user.

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Matt Petty Replied
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We do not, I just checked the code for UpdateUser2 to verify. How are you testing the calls?
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Connie DeCinko Replied
I finally got it to work. I think part of what tripped me up is all values are required. If you leave anything out, instead of an error of such, you get an error that the method cannot be found, at least in ColdFusion.

In order to update a password via API, I have to access two methods, GetUser to get the existing first and last name and then GetRequestedUserSettings to get the current mailbox size and isdomainadmin.

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