Allow SmarterMail to let User Groups become an alias as an option
Idea shared by Juan Lai - 5/16/2016 at 12:10 AM
Hello to Smartermail team,
   I am now setting up an domain using SmarterMail V15.
   As almost one of the  best Microsoft Exchange alternative groupware system, 'User Groups' feature
seems not only  "used to give permissions to specific subsets of users on the domain to access shared resources." It also should  be able to become an alias as an option, and then easily appear in GAL.
  Also, User Group should be able to set as a subet or a member of other User Group. In this case, remove or move user between groups will be easier.  

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Juan, here's a post with similar ideas to improve groups. Take a look and vote it up:
Your idea of nested groups (so you can have a group that contains other groups) would fit nicely with the tree structure.

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