Configuring Auto Responses for Customers
Question asked by David Epperson - 4/28/2016 at 1:00 PM
Newbie here. I am trying to find the setting that controls what auto-responders are configured for events like "Ticket Closed" and "Ticket Closed & Locked" and the text that is sent in these auto responses. However, the only one I can find is the auto response that indicates a ticket has been opened. All other event-triggered emails seem to go back to the agent that was assigned to the ticket. 
I remember using version 5.x that our system had been setup so that when a customer's ticket was changed to "Waiting," it would email the customer and say "Your ticket has been moved to Waiting. If you do not respond in five days, your ticket will be closed."
I also remember a response for if a customer sent an email to a ticket that had been locked, it would say "you need to open a new ticket." We just want to add text to say "simply change your subject to not include your previous ticket number."
Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

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Artur Rzasa Replied
On v12, it's under Settings, Configuration, Email, Templates for the standard Auto-Close Ticket etc.. not sure how you would do with Events.
Not sure if there is option to use different templates for things like Auto Close as different brands may have different messaging required, or in our case, different language, but that's a question for another day.
-- Art

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