API Stops working without any change in the code after two years of being live.
Problem reported by Rishabh Soni - 4/19/2016 at 10:52 PM
The API we integrated in our system stopped working without any change in code. Specifically the part to add domain.
These are the attributes we passed to the API-
    [AuthUserName] => admin
    [AuthPassword] => //password
    [DomainName] => testing15.com
    [Path] => //path
    [PrimaryDomainAdminUserName] => admin@testing15.com
    [PrimaryDomainAdminPassword] => abdomain123
    [PrimaryDomainAdminFirstName] => //name Test
    [PrimaryDomainAdminLastName] => //Test
    [IP] => // IP
    [ImapPort] => 143
    [PopPort] => 110
    [SmtpPort] => 25
    [MaxAliases] => 1
    [MaxDomainSizeInMB] => 20000
    [MaxDomainUsers] => 4
    [MaxMailboxSizeInMB] => 5000
    [MaxMessageSize] => 20
    [MaxRecipients] => 50
    [MaxDomainAliases] => 1
    [MaxLists] => 1
    [MaxActiveSync] => 0
    [ShowDomainAliasMenu] => 1
    [ShowContentFilteringMenu] => 1
    [ShowSpamMenu] => 1
    [ShowStatsMenu] => 1
    [RequireSmtpAuthentication] => 1
    [ShowListMenu] => 1
    [ListCommandAddress] => 
And the error message-
    [Result] => false
    [ResultCode] => -5
    [Message] => One or more of the settings you have specified is invalid.
I have talked to my technical team, and they have assured me that there are neither any changes on the server side nor on the programming side. Its just stopped working.
Please reply fast. We need urgent support.
We are using smarter tools for four years now.
Thanks in advance.

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Derek Curtis Replied
Employee Post
Try removing [MaxMailboxSizeInMB] and try it again. Looking at our web services documentation for svcDomainAdmin it looks like that setting was deprecated and now max mailbox size is set in svcUserAdmin.
Derek Curtis COO SmarterTools Inc. (877) 357-6278 www.smartertools.com
Paul Blank Replied
Why "One or more of the settings you have specified is invalid"?  When the program "knows" settings that are invalid, why doesn't it say which?  Would save folks some bother, no?
Brian Ellwood Replied
I've been developing against API's for well over a decade...

Most API's are an after thought versus a core component and done so without much knowledge about how they should work or care for the end-user experience...

"An error occurred" or some other lazy derivative is the most common error handling out there and is usually accompanied by dry, example-less documentation lacking schema/WSDL/etc

A developer shouldn't have to guess if a boolean value should be sent as:


...or which of "One or more of the settings" is wrong/invalid etc.

It should be able to tell you what is wrong, what type/format was sent and what type/format is expected.

This is by no means a critical against ST, just a recognition of my sympathy for your comment =)


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