Report for all tickets for a period
Idea shared by heath - 4/14/2016 at 2:10 PM
It would make a lot of sense to have ST give us a report of all tickets for a given period.
The use case is:  I oversee a group of support staff.  I don't want to see a notification on each ticket that comes in.  However, I do need to be aware of the tickets that are coming in.  It would be good to have a report that could automatically email each night that shows the time, subject, sender, idle time, and status of the tickets for the day.
This would allow me as an administrator to keep in touch with what is going on regarding tickets, without have to have a bunch of email notifications set up so that I see every new ticket that comes in.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Hi, Heath
That level of detail is a bit beyond what SmarterTrack can currently provide, as I'm sure you know. While you can't get THAT detailed, you can create a custom report to at least tell you the number of tickets that came in for a specific Department, Group or even down to the Agent level. It at least provides an understanding of the activity for whatever "Group By" you select. You could also add other report items to a single custom report and get that emailed to you daily...I certainly see what you mean, but since SmarterTrack has to be flexible enough to accommodate everyone who uses it, it also has to be somewhat limited in what it can provide due to the resources required to do some of the "heavy lifting" required for such detailed reports. 
As an aside, the next version of SmarterTrack will be 100% API-driven. Therefore, you can develop your own report based on whatever details you can extract from SmarterTrack. 
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Thanks for the info.

I'm not sure I understand the challenge...

I cannot look at every ticket as they arrive, however I would very much like to know the overview of what is going on in our support world.
I think the challenge I see in the ST developer side is that you all are thinking in ways that I don't as a manager. It is true that I need to know what agent is doing what, but as an overview, I'm really interested in the 'traffic' that is flowing through my support group as a whole.

I don't think the detail I mentioned (Sender, Subject, Time, Status) would be difficult to produce. It is essentially the same data that you see in a ST open ticket window. I don't follow why it would be hard to produce that data in a report each night/week for a given range.

I don't think knowing how many tickets a given agent or group serviced tells me anything that I can take action on.
Knowing WHO is sending the most tickets is VERY useful. Having a list of all the recent ticket subjects is also helpful. Counts alone just don't tell much of a story for any directed improvement.
I also need a ticket report, either a ticket report that shows all the currently open tickets in a nice viewable and printable format (we tend to print, as we don't have that many tickets) or all the tickets in a time period (say one week period, or custom date period.)

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