Understanding Ticket Reports

When viewing SmarterTrack's ticket trend reports, there may be occasions where the totals for open and closed tickets differ among the daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly reporting. For example, when grouping the report by month, you may see a larger number of open tickets than when you group the report by day.

This difference in reported numbers is due to the way the reporting system works within SmarterTrack. Essentially, for any report, SmarterTrack will calculate the Active and Waiting tickets by unique ticket number for the time period selected. Because the same ticket can be made Active or Waiting multiple times throughout its history, grouping the ticket report by month or quarter may show a larger total than by week or day, since multiple instances of the Active and Waiting history are being reported. 

Ideally, if you want to get an understanding of your TOTAL tickets, the best course of action is to view your ticket report grouped by month or quarter, as the likelihood of a ticket spanning from one month or quarter to another is less common than on a daily or weekly report.