SmarterTrack Generate Single Report to Each Client
Idea shared by Dikky Yulianto - 4/13/2016 at 9:01 AM
I wonder if SmarterTrack can add feature in reporting system for generate any single report to each client daily/weekly/monthly about their activity with SmarterTrack via email.
Let say report for the opened/closed ticket or live chat in one month. So, the client will be notify each month about their activity with helpdesk. I think this is more efficient to remind the client about their ticket/live chat status in one month ago instead the user must login into their account.
Why I suggest this? Because, when I presented the SmarterTrack to my client, they comapred the feature of SmarterTrack with their existing helpdesk that have the feature like I mention above. But, overall my client very satisifed with SmarterTrack and I hope will be add this feature in the next update :)

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