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Idea shared by Derek Curtis - 4/5/2016 at 11:00 AM
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Hey, everyone,
We just wanted to update you all on where things stand in terms of development and things, in general, moving forward. As we mentioned towards the end of last year, we're looking forward to 2016 being an EXCITING year at SmarterTools....

New Releases

As you probably know, a week ago we released the FIRST of TWO major updates this year. While teams were working on those releases, we had another team tirelessly working on the NEXT versions. These versions include transitioning to a completely API-driven architecture as well as completely new, more modern interfaces.
We’ve posted some teasers on our Facebook Page and in our Twitter feed, and more “sneak peeks” are on their way as we get closer to finalizing layouts, etc. So be sure you've liked us and follow us so you can see what's on the horizon!

BETA Topics

We’ve moved the BETA topics, and hidden them from public view. (Our Agents and Developers can still see them.) In addition, we’ve gathered any and all open items — posts about problems/issues and feature requests — and itemized them. These were emailed to all relevant development teams so that open items can be discussed and put into our project tracking software as needed. Rest assured nothing has been forgotten. 

The New SmarterTools

Also towards the end of last year, we released a new smartertools.com. Since then, we’ve continued releasing updates, plus we have some more stuff planned:
  1. We moved our blog from it being hosted by Wordpress to hosting it ourselves. This includes a new format, easier access and timelier releases. Once that was released, we also integrated Disqus for comments and discussion on the blog. Disqus is a great platform and people are already taking advantage of it and talking about our post topics. In the coming weeks we’ll also be adding in things like a subscription service so you can be notified when new blogs are published, clickable tags and dates, etc. 
  2. We just added a Careers page to the website. Here you’ll see some of the advantages of working at SmarterTools as well as a listing of the positions we’re looking to fill. However, we’re always looking for good people, so even if your skill set doesn’t match, exactly, with what we have posted, you can still send us a resume!
  3. An entirely redesigned My Account area is coming, which will follow along with the changes we're making to the products! This includes working on OAuth and new methods for single sign-on authentication, which will carry through to the products as well. Everything will be streamlined!
2016 is going to be a GREAT year at SmarterTools, and as things continue moving forward, we'll be sure to keep you involved and informed!
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278

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