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Question asked by Neal Culiner - 3/29/2016 at 4:23 PM
So did all of the EWS/EAS functionality finally make it into SM 15 that we've been waiting for since pre SM 14? 
Is the Mac Mail app on El Capitan supposed to receive push emails? I'm connected via an Exchange account setup and I sent an email to myself via gmail.  My iPhone showed the message per push but I am not getting any instant notification in Mac Mail.  I thought it was also supposed to be push notification email now?
Do we have to delete and recreate any accounts on any clients based on any changes in SM 15 to gain any new functionality such as push mail?
I haven't tried it yet but I assume Outlook Mac is now fully supported? There was no mention in the quite slim release notes based on any actions to take or additional clients supported.

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Neal Culiner Replied
From my research Mac's Mail app does not get push notifications from Exchange. I deleted/reinstalled my Exchange account after SM 15 was installed into Outlook 15.x (latest) for Mac and it is NOT getting push notification emails. Is it supposed to?
Gary P Replied
Reading the wording on the release notes I note it says
"...SmarterMail 15.x now works seamlessly with eM Client and Outlook 2016 for Mac, including PUSH functionality for Outlook 2016.." .

It just says smoother experience with Mac mail :-(.

Be great if this could be cleared up, I hope like Neal that this has been implemented and is just a small glitch, although I have not tested myself yet.

Neal Culiner Replied
I read in another thread recently that SM 15 did NOT include the push as they had problems so again, just like SM 14, we were told it would include it, it in fact does not.

In my opinion SM 15 is NOT a "MAJOR" release, it's a minor release to the SM 14 line with a few additions and bug fixes. I personally don't care, it's just a number, but I'm sorry, SM 15 is overrated.
Paul Blank Replied
I know this is an old thread, but is push now included in the latest releases of v15 (or v16 for that matter)?
We upgraded from a previous version of SM and it does not seem to be working in v15.7.6782 / IMAP.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Paul, Neal,

This functionality was fixed in SmarterMail 15.0.5962 (Apr 28, 2016)
Fixed: Exchange Web Services now implements streaming events that push changes from the server to the client.

I've confirmed that my email updates are pushed to my 15.7.6837 EWS account that's set up in Apple Mail on High Sierra.

Andrea Rogers
SmarterTools Inc.

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