SM 15 Questions
Question asked by Neal Culiner - March 29, 2016 at 4:23 PM
So did all of the EWS/EAS functionality finally make it into SM 15 that we've been waiting for since pre SM 14? 
Is the Mac Mail app on El Capitan supposed to receive push emails? I'm connected via an Exchange account setup and I sent an email to myself via gmail.  My iPhone showed the message per push but I am not getting any instant notification in Mac Mail.  I thought it was also supposed to be push notification email now?
Do we have to delete and recreate any accounts on any clients based on any changes in SM 15 to gain any new functionality such as push mail?
I haven't tried it yet but I assume Outlook Mac is now fully supported? There was no mention in the quite slim release notes based on any actions to take or additional clients supported.

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