Ticket text become BOLD when user reply
Question asked by Emanuele Tomasi - March 24, 2016 at 9:03 AM
Hi everybody,
I remember that times ago, when an end-user reply to a ticket, in the ticketsystem "SmarterTrack", the text become BOLD, so you can see almost instantaneously those who reply, but now, every time, you must look all the ticket to see if they reply, and if the tickets are a lot (hundreds), you can understand that it's a crazy thing.
This thing was really really useful.
It's no longer possible have this functionality ?

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Hello Emanuele,
I am unsure on how SmarterTicket used to work but SmarterTrack was designed to use the ticket 'Statuses'. When an agent replies to a ticket it should be marked as 'Waiting' and when the user replies the tickets status will automatically be moved back to 'Active'. Bolding would no longer be necessary?
Hope this helps,
Hi and thanks for the answer, in my case, unfortunately, is not as you say, if I reply to a ticket, that remains in the queue where it is, it is not automatically moved in the "waiting", and I can't understand in any way if someone answered until I open it.
SmarterTrack Enterprise
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Try using "Send and Mark as Waiting" whenever you reply to a ticket instead of "Send and mark as Active" see help:


Send - To send a ticket response, select the appropriate option: Send and Mark Active; Send and Mark Waiting; Send and Mark Closed; Send and Mark Closed and Locked; Send and Schedule Follow-up; or Send and Transfer. For more information about the different options, see Tickets Overview.

When a customer replies back the ticket will be moved back into active
Yes, but in my opinion the problem remains, if I add a comment in a ticket in "active status", operation that we do a lot of time for hundreds tickets a day,  and I'm waiting for an answer by the end user, I can't know when It will answer,
once the text become Bold and in 2 seconds I realized that he had answered, now I have to open it one by one - we have now in global 1063 tickets, so you can understand me :)
Any news?
Derek Curtis Replied
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SmarterTrack tries to accommodate a number of different scenarios, but not all of them are able to be handled. As mentioned in a previous reply, if you're waiting on a response from the customer, then putting the ticket in a Waiting status is the most common action to take. You can still add comments to "Waiting" tickets as needed. IN addition, when a customer goes into the Portal to check their status, when a ticket is Waiting it shows the customer that the ticket is waiting for their response, so that status is reflected for both he customer and the Agent.
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I understand this scenario, I agree with you, but as mentioned previously, I have 1200 tickets "active", how can I figure out which ticket has passed the state waiting to active?? I still have to look at them one by one.
I think the fact of changing the text in bold with a ticket that has been answered, It was better to keep it.
Emanuele Tomasi Replied
there is possibility in the future to have again the reply in BOLD ?
Because you removed a very useful feature.

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