smartertrack11 free install issue
Question asked by dean brown - January 14, 2016 at 7:07 AM
IIS8, shared hosting
I've followed the instructions as best as possible (they are confusing!) and all I can get is an error page:
"Oops - There was an issue that caused this page to malfunction."
I've installed the full installer, and copied the zip file to the the site that I've created in IIS
I've created the database and user in SQL Express

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Rod Lasky Replied
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Hi Dean.  Please make sure that the 'Network Service' is controlling your SmarterTrack application pool in IIS, and that the Network Service account has full permissions over the following folder:
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dean brown Replied
Here's my confusion - the path to app data is the site, not the install directory (seeing as this is a shared hosting environment)
So ST is installed here:
C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterTrack\MRS\App_Data
But the path to the website is here:
dean brown Replied
Any answer to my question?
How do you set it up so that you can multiple installs of ST on one iis server?
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If you want more than one install this is how i do it. 
1. Clear out all of my IIS sites and uninstall any existing smartertrackinstalls (to start from scratch)
2. Download the lastest build of SmarterTrack from
3. Click on the Setup.exe (dont bother unzipping etc.)
4. When setup asks me for a location Install it on default location which is something like C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterTrack
5. Create IIS site and point it to C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterTrack\MRS
6. Ensure that one is up and running connect it to a db if I feel like. You also may have to ensure your IIS Settings are configured correctly
7. Do step 3
8. Step 4 but change the installation location to a different folder.
9. Create the IIS site and point it to Your new Folder -> SmarterTrack -> MRS  Similar to step 5
10. Follow step 6 again but DO NOT connect them to the same Database as this could cause issues.
Hope this helps,
dean brown Replied
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Thanks - it turns out my install problem had to do with having a MySQL connector installed (and it has a bug in it affecting the machine.config file)
User Replied
Just going to put a link to this thread here for anyone else who may need help, because this seemed to help solve the issue

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