Spam on aliases
Problem reported by Martin Schaible - December 14, 2015 at 4:39 PM
Every domain has it's aliases for postmaster and abuse. The recipient is mostly a global Tekkie account.
I think, since we updated to version 14, the postmaster alias gets spam which will not moved to the junk mail folder. I see in the header, that the mails where processed by the spam filters and having some score over 10.
They should me moved to the spam folder, right?
A customer added some aliases and the recipients are on a third party mail sender, eg. goes to Incoming mails will be checked for spam, but they will forwarded. Logical to me. Smartermail has no target to to redirect the spam mails. How can i combat this? Yes, the best solution would be to stop aliases like this. I don't like them either and alias like this are a great chance to get blacklisted too.


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