UID Fix With Build 14.4.5801
Question asked by Scott Forsythe - 12/11/2015 at 12:47 PM
We recently upgraded our SmarterMail Enterprise servers to 14.4.5801. I viewed the mailConfig.xml file to check the progress of the UID fix. Our servers showed progress by cycling through email addresses and eventuality the line below was added:
One of our Enterprise servers did not show progress. After I upgraded the line below was added to the mailConfig.xml:
<uidVvFixProgress />
It's currently in this state and I haven't seen a change. I haven't noticed problems so far. Has anyone else noticed this?
Thought I would check here first and maybe save a SmarterMail ticket.

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Scott Forsythe Replied
Update. I'm now seeing progress! It took a few days but now I'm seeing email addresses on the <uidVvFixProgress> line.

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