Adding Brand to Report Filter
Idea shared by Elias Younes - 11/23/2014 at 7:58 PM
Dear Support,
I would like suggesting adding another Filter by Brand to the Reports, currently (Department or Users is only available) adding a Filter for Brand makes it easier for reports, instead of having to add all departemts one Item at a time, to get the report for the whole Brand...
Another Request as well related to reports, is to add more than just the Group to the reports, for example if I want to search by the custom field country= USA & Group by Gender: Male... This is not possible now... The reports would be better like this... and more useful in more situations.
Another request is to add a clone Feature as well, and assigning reports to other Agents from the Admin section
Would be good to enhance some more in the reports in General
God Bless

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