How to include previous message when reply ticket?
Question asked by Tien Nguyen - 12/1/2015 at 9:34 PM
Hello SmarterTrack,
When I reply ticket to customer, the preview mail content include some previous message, but the mail content that customer received only has the latest message.
How to include preview message when reply ticket? Please help me!
Thanks and Best Regards

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Mike Galusha Replied
Hi - we have the same issue with our Enterprise install since upgrading to version 11.3.5801.30561.  The area where the previous conversation(s) / original content are being stripped out.  This must be a bug as it wasn't the behavior in previous versions.
Employee Replied
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This was a bug and should be fixed for the next version to be released. Let me know if the issue persists after upgrading.
Thank you,
Mike Galusha Replied
Thank you for the update, is there any release time frame you can share?

Pseudo related is an issue where attachments are being stripped form forwarded emails. This has been going on for many months but I can't find recent posts on this so it may be our local installation; any insight on what we may be able to do to correct this?

Thanks in advance.
User Replied
I'm not sure what you mean by stripping. Do you have steps to replicate this? Screen shots? etc? I can try and replicate here? I dont believe i have heard of this issue.
Mike Galusha Replied
I can put screenshots together if needed. Stripped was too vague, apologies. The issue is that when forwarding a message that has an attachment, the attachment is missing on the receiving end.

Our users end up saving the attachment, replying (instead of forwarding) to the message and reattaching whatever needs to be sent.

Hopefully this is more clear - appreciate any ideas you may have to resolve.
User Replied
Hello Mike,
I tested this locally and was unable to replicate, I forwarded a message with an attachment on it and it did send it correctly when the email was received. Its possible it has been fixed since last release version, but i do not recall this being an issue (that i am aware of). I recommend on contacting support if this issue is pressing, so that we can get it fixed for you. As its possible it could just be an issue with your install.
thank you

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