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Question asked by Bassem Rawas - 11/25/2015 at 2:11 PM
During the holidays we close down shop and everyone individually sets their own auto response.
Is there a way to set a global/company wide/ all mailbox user auto response?
That would make everyone's life a lot easier if able to set it in 1 place for all as the admin as opposed to each individual user doing it.
thank you

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Logged in as the Domain admin you to do this.
In settings > Domain Settings > Events
Create a new event.
Give it an Event name
set Event Category to "email"
set Event Type to "message received"
set the To address "ends with" and your domain name, no * was needed in ours
(might need to save it and then reedit at this point)
Under the Actions Tab,
Add an action.
Change it to "send email"
In the "body" box, there are several system variables. You can use the "#fromaddress#" and put that in the "to" address box.
Type up the auto responder you want For Instance :
"Thanks u fer writin. we be are out parteeein fer da holidays. get bak to ya after da hangover tis da kine gone"
I just made one for our event and it works like a charm. any address you send to gets the same response to the original sender.

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MCSAJIV Sree Replied
Hello i tried by using variables the email is not triggered. Wheni put direct mail it comes.
in the To and From Box

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