Reporting Improvments
Idea shared by Antonio King - 11/24/2015 at 9:15 AM
While the system can report well when it comes to average scores, it's not so efficient when trying to look at individual categories. 
Average Survey vs Average Question
We compile a lot of granular reporting for our metrics meeting every Friday. We like to get very specific for our reporting, especially when it comes to customer satisfaction. For example, we have 3 surveys currently active in the system; 2 for chat, 1 for email. Each survey has around 3-4 questions on it. While we appreciate looking at the survey average, we don't have the ability to look at specific category performances (i.e. look at survey performance per question instead of per survey). 
Exporting Individual Survey Responses
There's no way to export individual survey results. When we found out that for some reason the filtering system for surveys doesn't work properly, we were hoping we could just export all the individual surveys into excel so we can do it ourselves manually. However, no option to do it. 
More Filters for Individual Survey Results
As of now, the date range filter that applies to all other facets of the reporting area, doesn't apply to the area that allows you to view "Survey Results" per survey which makes them practically unfilterable. 

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