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Idea shared by kevind - 11/17/2015 at 1:47 PM
#1) When viewing the Security->Whitelist as the admin, you can't see the full IP address range (from-to).  The solution is simple -- space out the columns better and give less room to POP, IMAP, etc. which only need enough space for a Yes or No.
#2) Add a new column to bypass spam filtering. Then you can remove this obscure check box in the Antispam Options tab:
This would give the admin more granular control of spam filtering and make SM more intuitive because the above check box is hidden.

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I would add to that to add a domain to spam filtering bypass.

Great idea.

Yes, I agree entering a domain to bypass spam filtering would be even better.

You can enter a domain in global Trusted Senders, but the implementation is poor:
-- still runs all the spam checks, then assigns a score of 0
-- easy to spoof

The fix is to qualify global trusted senders (domains) with SPF or DKIM and bypass spam filtering. Vote for it here:
Changed this thread from a Problem to an Idea. Would like to see the "SMTP" column under Security->Whitelist split into 2 columns:
  SMTP          Spam
Blocking       Filtering
----------      -----------
   Yes               Yes
    No                No
   Yes               No 
    No               Yes
This will make it more intuitive for the admin and give him/her more control.
FWIW, there's a typo in the word 'authentication' on this help page:

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