SmarterMail and Microsoft Remote Connectivity Analyzer
Question asked by David Finley - 11/16/2015 at 11:47 PM
We have some issues with SmarterMail and Exchange Connectivity. Generally speaking we are able to fix and troubleshoot most things web related, but this is really doing my brain in.
What I am wanting to know is this...
If someone with a correctly functioning SmarterMail setup with Microsoft ActiveSync enabled mailboxes can run some tests against this website:
URL below.
for one of the enabled activesync mailboxes.
I would like a clear understanding of the results for testing:
Exchange Active Sync
Active Sync Auto Discover
Microsoft Exchange Web Services Connectivity Test
Microsoft Office Outlook Connectivity Test
- Outlook Connectivity
- Outlook Autodiscover
Know that we have multiple domains, and are using DNS to support Autodiscover with both an A record posting to the IP of the mail server and and SRV record.
Basically I would like to know the correct working results of the SmarterMail server when tested against all the above tests. It would be great if someone (perhaps Bruce) with a nicely locked down system and nothing to hide, can post the full results.
This would be a big help to trying to understand what is broken in our system.

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