Determine when ticket has been REPLIED TO
Question asked by Scot Desort - 11/6/2015 at 10:45 AM
We are evaluating ST. One small item I can't figure out is determining at a glance in the ticket list, which tickets have been REPLIED to (versus NEW tickets).
Both NEW tickets, and existing tickets that have been replied to by the customer, have a single status of ACTIVE. In previous ticket systems we have worked with , the statuses are a bit more detailed
So a NEW ticket gets changed to ACTIVE when and agent is working on it. Agent replies to customer and needs an answer from customer, so status gets set to WAITING FOR CUSTOMER. Now, in ST, when the customer replies, it goes back into the ticket list as ACTIVE. I can't tell by looking at the ticket list whether it's new or a reply. The TIMESTAMP is the timestamp of the original ticket. You can't see the timestamp of the LAST TICKET INTERACTION, or who last interacted with the ticket (unless you actually open the ticket in full view).

I have played around with EVENTS to try to figure out a way to maybe place REPLIED TO tickets into a different department or something (not ideal). But I can't even figure our the correct CONDITION (there is no condition that says when STATUS WAS WAITING and was changed to ACTIVE).
Anyone have any thoughts on how to visually show tickets that have been REPLIED TO by the customer in ticket list window? Maybe I am just missing it.

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If you are simply trying to distinguish new tickets from others. I have two different ideas for that:
You could use the custom fields for tickets. Set the default value of the custom field to 'New Ticket' and make sure the custom field can only be seen by agents. Then when the agent replies, have them change the custom field. Then you can have the custom field show in the grid and sort by that.
you could change the group of the tickets that have been replied to. Have a Incoming tickets group and a 'replied to' group then make an event for message sent with an action to transfer the ticket. Then you would just need to sort by group.
Hope this helps,
Scot Desort Replied
Thanks Ashley.
Your Option #1 - this would require the agent to also remember to change the field back to NO if they are going to reply to the customer AGAIN (and thus restarting the cycle).
Option #2 - how do you trigger any event for a TICKET REPLY? You said MESSAGE SENT - does that mean it's placed into that group when the customer replies? Or when the agent replies? or both?
User Replied
Message Sent triggers when the agent sends a message. But, there is also a Message Received event you can use too, which triggers when a user replies to the ticket. When setting up the event you can go to the 'actions' tab and do a variety of things, transferring it to another group was just one idea, but you may find another action to be more helpful for your unique way of using SmarterTrack.

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