Using SmarterTrack with personalized email address?
Question asked by Peter M - 10/16/2015 at 8:04 AM
We would like each agent to be able to respond to tickets with a personalized email address in order to give our customers the feeling that they have a specific contact person. We envision it as follows:
1. The customer sends a question to a team email address (support@acme.org).
2. An agent replies using his or her personal email address (jane@support.acme.org).
3. The customer can then respond to the agent.
The customer response would still appear in the SmarterTrack Queue, however, and all agents in the support group would still be able to view all communication and respond to any ticket if necessary.
Is it possible in SmarterTrack 11 to create personalized email addresses for agents that would work in this way?

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