Notification when EAS licenses are exceeded
Idea shared by FlexWS - 10/5/2015 at 1:39 AM
Under Consideration
When you are out of ActiveSync licenses, you still have the ability to check the checkbox to allow ActiveSync for a user. You will NOT receive any error about the limit being reached, it just acts as "normal" with no message at all, and redirects to the user overview.
The suggestion is to disable the checkbox if out of licenses or raise an error when saving.
The current situation lets you think everything is alright, but the ActiveSync setting has not been saved (which you have to find out yourself, when you notice it doesn't work)
Also a reminder to the admin about the reached license limit would be great.
(Can those reminders also be mailed to a admin defined e-mail address?)

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FlexWS, I have changed this behavior so that an error message is displayed in the web interface if an admin tries to enable ActiveSync for a user but the number of licenses has been exceeded.
Regarding a license limit reminder / email, I have added this to our features request list.  I will mark this thread as Under Consideration pertaining to the license limit reminders.

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