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Problem reported by Thomas Nielsen - September 28, 2015 at 4:47 AM
I am trying to create a Folder Auto-Cleanup rules to delete all messages in Deleted item older than 60 days.
When I save the rule nothing happens. I am doing this only on my test domain to check out this feature. I have tried to lower the threshold to just 3 days. I know at least two of the mails I have in my account on my testdomain are delete more than 3 days ago.
Is it because the rule does not run immediately or how can this be?
I am running: SmarterMail Enterprise Edition version 13.1.5451

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Thomas, the cleanup process does not run immediately, but usually within 24 hours.
Also, the auto cleanup for Deleted Items does not work as most people would expect. It purges based on message date, not 30 days after it's deleted. So lowering the threshold to 3 days isn't necessary -- just delete a message from 2 months ago.
Go here and vote up this thread to get it fixed:

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