Azure-hosted SmarterTrack doesn't remain activated
Problem reported by William Henning - August 21, 2015 at 11:02 AM
My company is a longtime user of SmarterTrack.  Last year we had to switch our web hosts and ended up moving to Azure.  We were able to get SmarterTrack working fine in the Azure WebSites other than one issue.  Periodically, the licensing activation gets "lost" (I assume due to Azure juggling IP addresses now and then) and we have to re-enter the license key.  After we do that a couple times, we need to reset our activations on your support site.  It seems to happen fairly frequently (from a few days to a couple weeks apart) and if we aren't logged into ST, we don't notice that it has deactivated and shut itself down.  While it's deactivated, no tickets are created and no customers get auto-replies.
All of this provides a very frustrating experience for us, especially since the product works absolutely fine otherwise.  Can you please enhance it in some way to allow Azure installations without the need for constant activation loss?
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Did you ever find a resolution to this issue. Im considering migrating our smartertrack to AZURE but don't want to do it if it comes with drama.
Are you utilizing a Azure VM for the entire setup or are you utilizing Azure SQL for the backend and WebApps for the application? 
Interested to hear what worked for you.

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