Move SmarterTrack to a Different Server

On occasion, system administrators may need to migrate SmarterTrack to a new server. This might happen because the company has grown or because the company has switched to a new hosting provider.

Follow these steps to move SmarterTrack to a new server:

  1. Ensure your SmarterTrack license has remaining activations available. To do this, visit the SmarterTools website and click on the account icon in the upper right. Once logged in, select Licenses from the dropdown. Find the desired SmarterTrack license key. If a Reset Activations button is shown, click on it to allow the license to be activated again. If a Reset Activations button does not appear, the license has remaining activations available.  NOTE: As a fraud protection measure, SmarterTools customers are allowed two activations per product before the activations must be reset in My Account. In addition, the same license key may be activated on two servers within a 30-day period without triggering SmarterTools' fraud protection alerts. This applies only if the server hostname or database connection information has changed.
  2. Back up the following data on the server where SmarterTrack is installed:
    • App_data folder (can be located by default under C:\Program Files (x86)\SmarterTools\SmarterTrack\MRS)
    • SmarterTrack database
  3. Install SmarterTrack on the new server.
  4. To set up SmarterTrack in IIS, refer to Set up SmarterTrack as an IIS site.
  5. If you are using IIS, stop IIS services.
  6. Restore the following on the new server:
    • App_data folder
    • SmarterTrack database
  7. If you are using IIS, start IIS services.
  8. Log into SmarterTrack as the system administrator.
  9. Reconnect the database by entering the appropriate connection information in the Setup Wizard.
  10. Reactivate SmarterTrack.


Learn more about SmarterTrack’s helpdesk system, which includes live chat, a self service portal and knowledge base software.


i am follow these step and smarter track login but left hand side only 4 otion showing not all option and when i create a ticket user not access this feture error showing
yogendra shrivastava (9/23/2017 at 4:49 AM)
Are you sure you connected the database to the new install correctly?
Derek Curtis (9/26/2017 at 9:00 AM)