Importing from csv file and enabling pop retrieval
Question asked by Steven Haskell - 7/22/2015 at 7:10 AM
I am wanting to import about 500 contacts into smarter mail. I have a csv file configured for each domain. in the mapping fields I do not see where I can enable pop retrieval and untick show in global address book. Is there a way to accomplish this without adding each individual account separately?

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Can you clarify if you are trying to import contacts or migrate accounts?  If you are importing contacts, you can follow the steps outlined in this KB article.  If you are trying to import domain accounts and want the new users to have certain default settings (i.e., enable pop retrieval and not to be shown in global address book), follow these steps:
Before importing the new users, login to the domain(s) into which they will be imported as a domain admin. Under Domain Settings | Advanced Settigns | Default User Settings, ensure that "Enable POP Retrieval" is checked and that "Show in Global Address List" is unchecked.  Save these settings.  Now you can go to Domain Settings | Users and click on Import and follow those instructions.  Please note, if you are using SM 14.x, there is a non-breaking interface "bug" on the first page of the import wizard. You can safely ignore the Contacts drop down list.  This has been remedied in the next minor release of SM 14.x.
Steven Haskell Replied
Robert, sorry for the late response. Actually I was importing a list of contacts from a csv file into two domains that have been established for quite some time now. I found it rather cumbersome to create each individual account by hand, approximately  500 accounts. I did notice that I had to go into domain details for the domain and make some tweaks then propagate to the users

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