You should be able to see when the customer replies via chat without having to look at the chat.
Idea shared by Antonio King - 7/19/2015 at 8:47 PM
Under Consideration
When you're in multiple chats, it's very inefficient to go back and forth between chats to see if the customer responded last. There needs to be a little icon in the content pane that indicates the customer was the last to respond to that particular chat. 

In fact, you have the image (the clock icon), except its functionality doesn't make sense. What would be better is instead of having the idle clock turn orange when the chat sits too long, have it turn colors when the customer is the last to respond.
Clock icon turns blue = Customer had last response
Clock icon has no color = Agent had last response
Clock icon turns yellow = Customer had last response and the chat has been idling
Clock icon turns red = Customer had last response and the chat has reached a critical idle period

Our last solution before migrating to SmarterTrack had this, which proved very beneficial when we had 340 chats going at once last year. Being expected to sift through 340 chats to see who responded last is just unreal. We could easily scroll through the chat content pane to see which chats in my possession are awaiting a response with their color code system.
I can already imagine the difficulties we're going to have here in the next few months with the lackthereof that ability.

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That would be very helpful indeed. All my agents have mentioned that.
Or using Window's built-in taskbar notification, color flashing would be immensely helpful. Just having it flash when a new message was received would greatly help efficiency when you're researching an issue to a problem and the chat is behind another window.
Agreed. Some sort of notification in the preview pane that the customer was the last to respond.

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