Easy way to Send Email to a Group
Idea shared by kevind - July 9, 2015 at 11:04 AM
A common user request is to send an email to the same group of people. I'm not aware of a simple way to do this.
I propose you show Categories in the autocomplete for the To, Cc, and Bcc fields. When composing a message, the user types the name of the category and the email gets sent to all the addresses in that category. Maybe put category names in [brackets] or something to differentiate them from email addresses.
If you don't want to mess with Categories, consider adding Groups to Contacts for organization and mailing list capability.

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This has been suggested often. There has never been an official response (that I am aware of anyway). While it is possible to send to everyone in a Category, it sure isn't simple.
Customers coming from an hosted Exchange are asking for a way to send to contact groups or some kind of work around, that do not involve a web mail solution.
Would love some more enterprise features, as it would make it easier to get enterprise customers. We already fail on EAS if they dont have at least Outlook 2013 and above.
Some customers will not wait up to 5 minutes for them to get their emails on IMAP.
Seems like there are a lot of requests for this functionality in SM16. Just reviving this old thread to see if it can get marked as Under Consideration, Planned, etc.
I agree with this option.  It would make things so much easier.
Agreed.  Under Accounts we have User Groups.  Great for filtering Accounts.  But no real functionality.  
I realize we have Alias and Mailing list.  But we maintain two datasets with no advantage.  
If you just updated your SmarterMail to 16.1.6411 the ability to email to a contact group is back in there.
Andrea Rogers Replied
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Hi everyone,
In Friday's release of SmarterMail 16.1.6411, the shortcut to review and select the contacts found in My Contacts, Global Address List and categories has been added back to the compose window. Please let us know your thoughts!

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