WebService method GetTicketTimeLogs return empty array
Problem reported by Yannick Guerdat - 7/5/2015 at 10:44 PM
We are trying to use the WebService to export the working time in our billing platform with the method getTicketTimeLogs(ticketId) but it ever return nothing.
We do the following steps :
  1. WebService Login (full rights user) / Success
  2. Call the method GetTicketsBySearch / Success
  3. Call the method GetTicketTimeLogs / Failed --> Returned an empty array
Can you please have a look and fix it ? 
Thanks a lot
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Employee Replied
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Hello Yannick, 
I tested this locally and found that the time logs must have a category in order to come back from 'GetTicketTimeLogs'.  I don't believe this was by design so it has been changed for the next version. Let me know if this does not seem to be the case.
Thank you,
Yannick Guerdat Replied
Hello Ashley,
Thank you very much, let me check with my team once the newest version is available. 
Best regards
Artionet.Group - Digital Transformation, eGovernment Solutions

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