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Idea shared by Melissa Newman - July 1, 2015 at 7:28 AM
When offering the option for translation during chat, the preferred languages drop down list includes your default language but doesn't default to it. The customer would then have to search for something, that in the end, they wouldn't need to. I realize that this isn't a required field but most people will just go right on down the list and fill it in.
Also, if the default language is selected the customer get a disclaimer "Content from this chat session may be automatically translated using Microsoft Translator. This is an automated translation, and results may vary." at the top of their live chat. This makes it sound as if the person they are chatting with doesn't speak their language. They may feel as though they are being sent off to a help desk, who knows where, outside of your business and weaken their trust in your business which is a bad customer experience.
There is really no point to having the default language on the list and the disclaimer causes confusion. Either the default language should not be on the list at all or it should default to it and the disclaimer should not be displayed for it.
At the very least there should be text in conjunction with the preferred language drop down to state the default language and that it is not necessary to select it. 'Preferred Language' doesn't explain what it really is. It is not readily apparent that this is for requesting a translation service.

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