Is there a log for triggered Events?
Question asked by Donavon McKigney - 6/24/2015 at 12:29 PM
Is there a log for triggered events?  I'm trying to verify if an event which should have been triggered actually was triggered.  The action for the event did not happen and I'm trying to find out why.

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Antonio King Replied
It has to be turned on behind the scenes.
To enable logging edit the file and look for 


<add key="EnableEventSystemLogging" value="False" /> and change it to True.

This should then enable the logging.

User Replied
Is your action still not firing? I may be able to help if you can give me a detailed explanation of your event if you are still unable to get it to fire. I could try to re-create it here:
What category is the event,
what type is the event,
what conditions do you have for the event,
what action do you have for the event,
what is the frequency of the action (if applicable)
Thanks and good luck!

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