Agents who are not enabled for live chat in a department, are hearing queue / idle warning sounds (and even if they are not logged into live chat)
Problem reported by Nathalie V - 5/14/2015 at 5:49 AM
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There's actually 2 related problems here..
We have various groups (sales, billing, etc).  We have all agents as members of all groups, so that they can see tickts in all queues and not only for their primary department.
For live chat, we have disabled the live chat options for agents who are not primary to that particular group (the billing agents have live chat disabled for their user in the sales department)
However, EVERYONE hears the live chat sounds regardless of these settings (a new live chat in the queue, idle warning sounds)
This has to be a bug, since the agents hearing sounds are not even enabled for live chat in the department.
Furthermore, the SECOND bug regarding this is that the agents who aren't even signed into live chats still hear sounds (ie - when logging into SmarterTrack, or verifying through the 'Active Groups' - these agents have NO checkboxes enabled under ANY of the live chat groups), yet they hear all the live chat notification sounds/warnings.
We're currently on SmarterTrack 10.5 and will be doing the minor upgrade shortly but I don't believe this is something that is listed in the bug fixes so assuming it will still be an issue after upgrading as well.

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Employee Replied
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Hello Nathalie,
Thanks for the inquiry. Can you please confirm if the Live Chat options for the Agents include the following:
Enable live chat in queue notification sounds
Enable live chat notification sounds
If so, despite not being logged in they would hear the sounds. If they are not part of the group and do not have the options enabled then they should not hear the notifications.
Please let me know if this helps.
Nathalie V Replied
Well I have those options enable as I do want agents to hear sounds (where it's relevant to them)
Are you saying that if I disable these options:
Enable live chat in queue notification sounds
Enable live chat notification sounds
that they *will* hear sounds for their department if they are enabled for live chat in that department and logged into live chat, and not hear sounds if they are not logged into live chat or are in a different department?
Nathalie V Replied
Let me clarify also by asking this...
Is there a way to set it up, so that:
a) if someone is NOT LOGGED INTO ANY LIVE CHATS they hear no live chat related sounds
b) if someone IS LOGGED INTO LIVE CHAT, but is only enabled for live chat in one group, that they ONLY hear sounds pertaining to the group they are logged in to live chats for, and not hear sounds from the other groups they are agents in (but have "false" as the live chat enabled setting)
Steve Reid Replied
I'm pretty sure most people would want it to work the way Natalie is describing.
Hearing notification when an agent is not logged in can't really be by design can it?
It's also obvious this thread should have been changed to an Idea.
The Not a Problem thread type is for when there is a solution already that get the customer what they are after. If there is no solution to get the behavior they desire then that is called an Idea, right?
Antonio King Replied
I noted this a while back as well. I felt it should operate under the same pretense as other chat solutions we've used: if the agent is marked "unavailable" then they would not hear any chat sounds. Sadly that does not exist within ST. 

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