Date picker UI bug for UK date format
Problem reported by Leo Furze-Waddock - 5/9/2015 at 11:22 AM
Date picker interprets date as US format mm/dd/yyyy when it should interpret date in UK format dd/mm/yyyy
Steps to reproduce;
1) Call Logs
2) New
3) Select a 'Group' from the list
4) Select an 'Agent' from the list
5) Enter text into the 'Subject' field
Note: 'Duration' date is populated by default with today's date and uses the correct date for the UK, e.g. '09/05/2015' for the 9th March 2015, which will work as expected if the form is submitted.
6) To break it, click the 'calendar' icon.
7) The 'calendar' UI opens with the Month set to September, the day set to 5 and the year set to 2015.
8) Use the 'calendar' UI to select 9th March 2015.
9) Click outside the 'calendar' UI to escape and populate the first duration box with '05/09/2015'.
10) You cannot click 'Save' until you have repeated steps 6-9 for the second 'To' date field, otherwise the error: "The end date for this call must occur after the start date." is presented to the end user.
11) Click 'Save'.
This call log is not visible and no error is presented to the end user, which is confusing to end users. Only when you view the database record in the 'st_CallLogs'  table it becomes clear why:
DateStartUTC: 2015-09-05 17:56:00.000
DateEndUTC: 2015-09-05 17:56:00.000
DateCreatedUTC: 2015-05-09 18:04:02.663
DateModifiedUTC: 2015-05-09 18:04:02.663
NOTE: The reports date picker is also effected.
Versions and settings
SmarterTrack Version: 11.0.5603
Settings > Configuration > Language and Locale - Default Time Zone: (UTC) Dublin, Edinburgh, Lisbon, London
SmarterTrack Check-Up Locale Settings;
OS Locale - en-US - English (United States)
Current Locale - en-GB - English (United Kingdom)
CurrentUI Locale - en-US - English (United States)
Date Format - 09/05/2015
Time Format - 18:27

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Leo Furze-Waddock Replied
We cannot log any calls at the moment. I assume this is related to the date format as we have passed the 12th day of the month so date validation is failing. However, no error is presented to the user.

Using Chrome developer tools reveals that there are script errors.

Upon the call log window opening the following error occurs;

masks.ashx:233 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'valueOf' of null

Upon clicking save the following error occurs;

POST https://mywebsite.co.uk/Management/CallLogs/frmCallLog.aspx?popup=true 500 (Internal Server Error)Sys.Net.XMLHttpExecutor.executeRequest @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:5Sys.Net._WebRequestManager.executeRequest @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:5Sys.Net.WebRequest.invoke @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:5Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager._onFormSubmit @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:11Sys.WebForms.PageRequestManager._doPostBack @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:11(anonymous function) @ ScriptResource.axd?d=eYw5Sk5ZIjKzVD3OzNnXI7-NCkA_sQ9Fp72ArfeAGmeujDkfCT95Ys3A7kffzTlGzP7HO01Ewmzj_a…:5onclick @ frmCallLog.aspx?popup=true:251

I do wish SmarterTrack was open source so I could just fix this myself.

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