Out of Office Emails
Idea shared by Jeremy Wesley - 5/7/2015 at 2:09 PM
We need an effective way to stop the "Out of Office" loops with the ticket system. 
When a message is sent to an email address that replies WITHOUT the ticket info in the subject line it creates a new ticket which gets another reply, and another ticket is created and another reply and another ticket is created... and so on and so on until someone changes the import from pop email freq to 120 mins, and logs into the support email account and intercepts the next Out of Office email and deletes it...
Why cant we have an Event Action that is "DO NOT CREATE TICKET" or  "DO NOT REPLY TO TICKET"
Event would be something like if subject contains "Out of Office" then don't reply with the statndard "Your ticket has been created" message...

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Why not just create a filter through your email client? Set your filter in your email client to look for emails with subjects that contain "Out of Office" and either delete upon entry or mark as read immediately. 

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