Why Is My SM 13 showing free version instead of Enterprise?
Question asked by Craig Severance - 11/6/2014 at 3:11 PM
I just updated my software to the new version and am still under upgrade protection since my purchase is less than 12 months I should not have to purchase another new version. My softwarwe is showing 13 FREE instead of ENTERPRISE. Why is this happening and what do i need to do to get it fixed?

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Did you re-activate the old license in SmarterMail after you installed the new version?
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When you do a major upgrade, you'll first need to uninstall your version of SmarterMail. Once you have 13.x up you'll want to activate the product again. You'll do this by logging in as the Sys Admin and going to Settings > Activation > Licensing. For full steps you can refer to the KB article Activate SmarterMail.
Let me know if that fixes things for you.
Steve Reid Replied
If the key is not changed then this should be considered a bug. I have seen this problem too, however there is no reasonable explanation if the key is not changed.
This situation should not happen.

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