Group tickets by company
Idea shared by Craig Parsons - March 21, 2014 at 9:50 AM
Ability to define user X,Y,Z as being part of Company H. So when user Z, Y or Z login they can see all tickets created by registered users for company H.

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Derek Curtis Replied
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Thanks, Craig. We have this on our list.
Derek Curtis
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
We really need this feature! And the ability to define number of tickets that a company has purchased and they have available... If ST has it already in its system, can we have it too? :)
It seems a step in the right direction in V11 by adding organisation support to the management interface, but i still dont see any way for end users to view tickets raised by others linked to their organisation.
Yes, we badly need this feature as well.
We are also waiting for this feature.
Thank you.
This will be most welcome feature in SmarterTrack. Our customer's IT departament need this to supervising support process. Such feature will increase our customer's loyalty.

This tread has over 2 years - maybe it is right time to add this functionality to the system :-)
When will end users be able to view tickets raised by others linked to their organisation?
I agree with everyone on this thread. Whats the ETA on this feature? I am concerned if this hasn't been implemented? This is a request from over 3 years ago?
Very disappointed to see this has not been included in the V13 BETA given it is one of the higher ranked feature requests in the community which appears to have been 'planned' for over THREE years.
THREE years now that the community is waiting for this feature and Nothing in the v13 :-(
Is this coming soon?

Michael Woffenden, Founder and President, Information Results Corporation

SmarterTrack licensee since 2008

Can anyone from ST comment on when this will be made available? Almost 4 years it has been 'planned' for!!
Please, please.. let us assign or have psuedo IDs for the company's... or at least someway to identify that your ID=4 , equals our KeyID=XYZ
Have you considered moving to another solution?
What is your top 10 choices?

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