No new records log files not importing.
Problem reported by Ray White - 11/3/2014 at 8:13 AM
Hi I installed smarter stats on a new server recently. Sometimes it works and sometimes the logs don't come in. When I look at the view logs page it says starting import and then no new records when I know there are thousands. It was doing this this morning so I restarted the server and it imported all the records, and then it went right back to saying no new records. This seems to happen randomly it might fix itsself later. I've been running it a little over a week now and this has been happening on and off. What could be causing this? What should I look at?

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Ray White Replied
By the way I have 9.2 right now on a windows 2008 server.
Von-Austin See Replied
Employee Post
This behavior has not been widely reported and may be environment specific.
Are there any exceptions being thrown within any of the logs for the site that's having the issue ?
If not, I would strongly recommend submitting a support ticket for us to look into the behavior further. Since this issue is sporadic, we may need to provide you a custom build with additional logging to track down the root cause of the issue.
Von See
Technical Support Supervisor
SmarterTools Inc.
(877) 357-6278
Ray White Replied
Thanks I goint to try putting in smarter stats 10 and see if that works any better. If not I'll get back to you with an email ticket.

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