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Question asked by Anna Yah - 10/28/2014 at 7:06 PM
Hi there,
If anyone can advice, where can i set to log information when users account are create or deleted by the admin user. I dun seems to be able to find this information.
I need to trace a account which was being deleted, I need to know which admin user did that and the date / time / IP address.

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Hello Anna.  This is not current functionality within SmarterMail.
Bruce Barnes Replied
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If the original poster is running SmarterMail 12.X, then this is logged in the ADMINISTRATIVE LOGS, but only if they have been set to DETAILED.
The administrative logs can only be accessed by SmarterMail primary admins, they cannot be accessed or viewed by Domain level admins.
The administrative logs will show all of the activity of all administrators, including when they logged in, what they changed or modified, and any accounts which were added or deleted.
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While I realize this is a very old thread, I noticed in SmarterMail 16.X that it does track user logins, creation and deletes. It partially tracks Aliases (only the deletion). 
It doesn't appear to track any other domain admin changes like event creations or setting changes. It is important that all admin and domain admin changes are logged for security reasons.

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