Default Spam filtering settings for SmarterMail 12
Question asked by Ed Recker - 10/28/2014 at 11:55 AM
Is there anywhere I can get the default Spam filtering settings for SmarterMail 12.  After we upgraded from V10 to V12, I attempted to tighten up the Spam Filtering settings using some guidelines that I found in the KB.  However I think I might have tightened it up a tad too much.  It seems that since I did this, users are reporting that legitimate incoming email is being rejected or it is being put in the Junk e-mail folder on the server and the user who pops out for their mail is not even aware of it since they never log into the web interface.  I need to address this and thought if I could take the settings back to default it would loosen things up and allow the legitimate mail to flow again.  Thanks

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You can always run the spam wizard in SmarterMail and then select the appropriate level.  After you do this you will want to check the filtering action.  The default is Low Probability of spam 10 action prefix with spam, Medium Probability of spam 20 default action send to junk folder, HighProbability of spam  30 default action delete message.

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