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Question asked by Barry Smith - 10/13/2014 at 3:07 PM
Does anyone have any idea how I am able to get a list off Smartermail of users who are using an IMAP type account. I have about 800 email accounts but I am trying to see which ones use IMAP and I cannot seem to dind out how, I do not need the domains, I need the actual email ID.
Many thanks in advance if anyone can help.

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Joe Wolf Replied
I don't know of any way to tell if a user has used IMAP.  You can take a look at the User Activity to see who is currently using IMAP.  I suppose you could write a script to look thru all the IMAP logs and come up with a list of those who have used IMAP.
I guess my question is why does it matter if they use IMAP or not?
Thanks, -Joe
Barry Smith Replied
Thank you for replying, we have managed to get a list.
I am migrating over to a new server and thus need to move all IMAP data aswell.

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