Smartermail XMPP/BOSH Service, usable with another chat client?
Question asked by CharlesWorks - 10/9/2014 at 11:27 AM
Hello, I'm currently trying to develop a chat client for use on our company website, which would communicate with smartermail's 'chat' service, or something like it, enabling visitors to ask a question, and our employees would then be able to respond accordingly, from within smartermails' chat service..  This chat service uses XMPP, and I've been able to communicate between smartermail and digsby, and I know that there are articles in the knowledge base for pidgin, adium, etc.  But I'm trying to find a client that runs in a website, likely one using javascript, and am currently looking at converse.js.  unfortunately, converse.js connects via BOSH, not XMPP.  My googling showed only a community post saying smartermail uses BOSH somehow, but simply configuring converse.js to point at our servers didn't quite work.  I'm really not sure where to look next on this matter, is smartermail open enough for this, or is there a better client that anyone knows of?  I'm really starting to lose all sense of direction at this point.
I also need to enable guests to ask us questions without needing to provide any login credentials, ie anonymous guests, but one step at a time here.
Thanks to anyone who can help.
Take care,
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