Forgot password asks me to enter old password
Problem reported by Craig Parsons - 2/19/2014 at 3:04 AM
If a user on the portal hits 'Forgot password' they are emailed a link to reset their password. however on the page that opens it requires you to enter the ingformation below.
Old password
New password
If i forgot my password how do i enter it for a password reset?

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Hello Craig,
         I tested around in 10 a bit and was unable to recreate the issue. What is the link name that was emailed to you? (you dont need to include the id or hash) the 'old password' field should only show if the hash is invalid or if one was not sent (for security reasons).
Craig Parsons Replied
I used the forgot password link from the login pop-up on the user portal, entered m email and clicked the link from the email.
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       I was actually able to replicate this... Not sure what the issue is quite yet but working on it! 
        EDIT: The issue has been fixed for the next build! Thank you for letting us know!

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