Email is deleted when I accept an invite to an event?
Question asked by pjeski - 10/6/2014 at 7:16 AM
Is it possible to not have an invite deleted upon acceptance? I would like to keep the request in my inbox.

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Michael Replied
I believe this is normal behavior for Outlook and other calendar / invite tools.
pjeski Replied
Normal for outlook doesn't mean normal. Or intuitive. Or useful. :)
Employee Replied
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Currently SmarterMail is designed to behave as many other mail servers do in regards to invitations, just as Michael mentioned.  The reason behind removing the invitation from the mailbox is once the invitation is accepted, the appointment is added to the calendar, theoretically no longer needing the invitation as it would be considered a duplicate.  There is not a way to force SmarterMail to keep these invitations in the mailbox at this time.
pjeski Replied
There are two problems. When the event is added to the calendar, the time the invite was sent is lost. Also, I don't exclusively use the web client for SmarterMail, and once that invite is deleted I may not have access to the information, so no, it is not "a duplicate". And even when I am using the webmail client, I don't use the calendar.
Please don't try to be like Outlook.
Rolf Jacobs Replied
The whole point of using Smartermail is because we hate Outlook.  Otherwise we would be asking MS this question.  So like PJESKI stated, don't be like Outlook.
Create an option to NOT delete the Invite after we accept it. It's not "theoretically no longer needed" As a matter of fact, FLAG it so it stands out.
Steve Reid Replied
This should be changed to a feature request
John Marx Replied
I like that it's deleted. I can always go to deleted items and pull it out. The reason I like it being deleted is that way I don't add it multiple times to my calendar. If this is to be added as a feature make it default to be the way it currently is and then give the users the ability to turn it off. I say users as some users will want one way and others will want another.
Merle Wait Replied
I wouldn't mind that it was deleted, but all the "associated" information in that was invite isn't transferred to the actual appointment or event.  IF all the information was /is transferred then it would make sense to delete.
AND... yes Outlook ... transfers all the related data to the appointment /event, so that you still have it.
So if the point is to match Outlook's processes... then this is not doing that.
For instance, if I am invited to a meeting using Outlook, and there is a document, telephone and an agenda in the meeting invite;  I accept the invite;  on the actual scheduled meeting is the document and telephone.   Not true if I am using Smartermail.
Paul Blank Replied
Hear, Hear. Another example of "intelligent" software being not-so-smart. ST, PLEASE add the option of NOT deleting those emails.

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