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Problem reported by Richard Line - 10/2/2014 at 2:05 PM
I tried to have a live chat on my HTC One M8 Android phone to my office but the screen wouldn't echo back what I was typing.  It did record what I had typed and passed this to the agent but I couldn't see what was being sent.

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Bruce Barnes Replied
Use IM+ Pro on Andoid and setup as a JABBER account.  The native Android and web apps don't work well at all.
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Hey Richard,
Taking a quick look at this and testing it locally, I too see what you're mentioning of.  There looks to be an issue with the mobile interface of the chat window not updating properly.  What is interesting though is that when minimizing the keyboard, what was typed seems to show.  At any rate this is an issue that will need to be addressed in a future build of SmarterTrack.
Thanks for reporting this.
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Hello All,
Live chat has been re-modeled in SmarterTrack 12x. I believe the issue should be resolved. Let us know if you find it is not, and we will look into it further.
Thank you for the feedback,

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