Events I am invited to are not sync'ing to iPhone
Question asked by Chris Fischesser - 9/30/2014 at 7:27 AM
Hey guys,
The title pretty much explains it, but we just upgraded to Smartermail Enterprise for the Calendar CalDav sync'ing options and found out that after being invited to an event and accepting the invitation, it's not sync'ing to the iPhone's.  It shows up just fine in the webmail and shows as an event and everything looks great, it just doesn't sync down to the iPhone.  If I create the event, on the webmail or iPhone, all is well and everything sync's both ways, but not an event that someone else creates and invites me to.  Any ideas? 

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Hello Chris,
Thanks for your inquiry. Can you please confirm that the synchronization issue still persists with the mobile device. Are you using the current build of SmarterMail 13.x ? Please let us know if you need us to review this matter further.

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