How to prevent email address fishing
Question asked by Sarah Weinberger - 9/23/2014 at 2:46 PM
I reviewed my SMTP logs and see quite a few entries fishing for email addresses. One or more servers somewhere are sending several times an hour mails to non-existing email addresses. They receive the "No such user here" message.
How do I prevent this fishing?

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Scarab Replied
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You can stop Email Harvesting in Smartermail by going to SECURITY > ADVANCED SETTINGS > ABUSE DETECTION. If you do not have any Rules listed, then click on the [NEW] button. For "Detection Type" select "Bad SMTP Sessions (Harvesting)". You can then set your "Time Frame",  "Bad Sessions Before Block" and "Time to Block". 
I have two Bad SMTP Sessions (Harvesting) set... one with a Time Frame of 5 minutes, 5 Bad Sessions, and a 60 min Time to Block...the other with a Time Frame of 60 minutes, 15 Bad Sessions, and a 43200 min Time to Block.
Uwe Degenhardt Replied
Hi Scarab, excellent idea ! Thank you. Uwe

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