URL rewrite existing SmarterTrack URLs
Idea shared by Webio - 9/23/2014 at 5:18 AM
what do you think about adding possibility to create URL rewrite (in SmarterTrack admin section) for various SmarterTrack elements?
Knowledge Base contains .../kb/... it could be replaced with localised version of this string like .../bw/... (where bw is Baza Wiedzy). Various pages like News, Tickets or Community also contains english URLs which of course is fine but it would be nice to have possibility to make them more localised.
Yes .. no .. what do you think?

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Derek Curtis Replied
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I'm going to leave this as "Proposed" for now. You can do this as it stands using the IIS Rewrite module, though I understand some people are not terribly comfortable doing that. Adding something into SmarterTrack is worth discussion, however. 
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