Add ticket resolution to send email system event?
Question asked by ASB Admins - 9/11/2014 at 2:26 PM
We have a system event setup to send an email to the customer when a ticket status is changed to closed.  Is there variable for "Resolution"?  We would like to have the resolution included in this email.

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Jonathan Forrester Replied
Has this been reviewed?
Employee Replied
Employee Post
There currently is not a variable for 'Resolution' but have you considered using Custom Fields? You could Crate a custom field named 'UserResolutionResponse' (or whatever you want) and set the setting for 'Required for Agents to close tickets' in the template (instead of a resolution) and just include the custom field in the email?
Nicholas Kirlew Replied
This definitely a required featured, the work around above is a start but most agents will just use the stock fields supplied. Would the resolution field thus be blown away altogether?

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