WYSIWYG editor for comments too
Idea shared by Webio - 9/10/2014 at 2:23 AM
can you consider adding WYSIWYG editor for comments too? Very oftern we are pasting some code from logs and not having possibility to show them as a different part of message than text message describing it makes less readable (like here: http://portal.smartertools.com/community/a357/does-someone-is-using-bounce_io-already.aspx).

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So ... any chance here? C'mon add this small editor for comments too. Many users are adding various links to comments and it would be nice to have possibility to make them clickable. Other example is adding some kind of code. It would be good to make it different than whole comment font.
SmarterTools SmarterTrack dev team? Anyone? This is a huge issue when it comes to writing and reading comments in SmarterTrack. For example multiple all new lines are being removed and some comments are not being so easily readable. Just take a look here:
I was providing various params in new lines or editing comments with adding "EDIT:" information in new lines but after updating my comments all became one line formatted for certain width. I've already mentioned about editor which could be used to mark various items in comments (like command line path and params provided in comments)

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