Installshield Hanging During Install...
Problem reported by Dennis Klaustermeyer - 5/1/2015 at 10:13 AM
Hello, this has happened for us for a long time, but when updating to newer versions of Smarter Track (minor or major) here at our business, the Install Shield runs, the software upgrades just fine and works as it should, but at the end, the Install Shield hangs for at least 5 minutes on the Computing space requirements screen at the very end of the install.  It eventually does go to the screen saying that it was installed completely.  The server isn't locked up or anything; while the Computing space requirements screen is on, you can go in and use the new version of the software, etc.
Any idea why this might be happening?  It is a Server 2008 R2, 32 GB 2 Xeon 2.40 processors (Device Manager shows 24 processors when you expand that entry.)
Thank you,

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